Land & Water Management

Mission Statement
It is our mission to work with our community to improve land and water management practices to improve and preserve Ozaukee County's natural resources for generations to come. 

NRCS Announces Special Cover Crop Initiative to Improve Soil Health Sign up by June 10th

The West Bend Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has announced a special funding opportunity to help producer’s plant cover crops to improve the soil structure, add soil organic matter, improve nutrient cycling, increase water infiltration, decrease soil erosion, and suppress weeds.

Cover crops may include: spring barley, radish, rye, oats, millet, wheat, clovers, turnips, canola, and many other species depending on your goals and objectives. Cover crops can also be planted in mixes, which provide additional benefits to improve your soil health.

Sign up at the NRCS office by June 10th to be considered for this funding.

Cover Crop Incentive Payments:

• Single Species Mix - $45.53/acre

• Multiple Species Mix - $61.91/acre

For more information, visit , or contact the West Bend  NRCS office at: 333 E Washington Street Suite 3200 West Bend, WI 53095  (262)-335-4860 Ext. 3.

Below are some links to better explain the benefits of cover crops and how cover crops can benefit your farm's soil health in the long term.

USDA Monarch Butterfly Information
Rain Garden Initiative Project

The Land and Water Management received a grant from the Fund for Lake Michigan to assist landowners in the Milwaukee River Watershed to install rain gardens. This simple practice helps excess stormwater infiltrate into the ground, instead of collecting excess chemicals and nutrients and getting into local streams and rivers which ultimately drain into Lake Michigan. A shallow depression is created near a downspout or other impervious area and planted with 
deep rooted native vegetation. To learn more about this exciting urban practice please proceed to the Rain Garden Brochure.

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